Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does Google Have YOUR Number?

Do you use Gmail? How about YouTube? Google Docs? Are you concerned about all that information Google may be collecting about you? Now there's Google's Privacy Dashboard with a control panel that lets you see what Google knows about you, and modify your preferences - all in one place.

Watch a video of Google Privacy Dashboard here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Legal History for the Modern Researcher

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History, available online through the Library's A-Z list, and in print in the reference area, covers legal history from ancient to modern times with historical and contemporary comparisons of world legal systems. The approximately 1,000 articles are written by experts and scholars, usually law professors (including BC’s Professor Mary Bilder), and explore Ancient Greek Law, Ancient and Medieval Roman Law, Chinese Law, English Common Law, Islamic Law, United States Law, and the laws of other regions such as Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. In her entry “The Colonial Period: The Sources of Colonial Law Dutch,” Professor Bilder discusses the influences of Spanish and French, Dutch, and English Common Law on the law of the colonies. The encyclopedia includes an extensive bibliography in which major books in each topic are identified.