Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepare to Practice with Legal research classes for Spring 2013

Want to learn how to mine court dockets for sample pleadings or figure out the best database to use to update regulations?  Take a legal research class this spring to learn this and much more.  The BC Law reference librarians teach a wide variety of courses that will make your life as a researcher much less stressful and much more productive and efficient.

This spring, you can choose either Advanced Legal Research or a subject-specific research class in the area of  Insurance & Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property or Criminal Law.  Advanced Legal Research will cover many topics essential for practice-readiness such as finding regulations, agency decisions, ordinances and court rules.  If you are interested in a career as a litigator either Insurance & Civil Litigation or Criminal Law is a great choice.

If you have questions, please stop and chat with the reference librarians--we will be staffing a table outside the library on Monday and Tuesday. A complete list of offerings, with full descriptions, is available here.

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